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A Short Story About Larry’s Pest Patrol

Larry’s Pest Patrol is a Veteran and family owned and operated business providing safe and effective pest management services in San Juan County for over 45 years.

Our goal is to be recognized by our clients, employees, and our industry as a leader providing world class pest management services that are both effective and environmentally responsible with customer service second to none!

My name is Brian, and I have been working at Larry’s Pest Patrol since 2002. In 2006 I left the company to join the Army, but even while on active duty, I still traveled down to work for Larry every chance I got. After 5 years and 2 deployments to Iraq I returned and had the honor of taking over the company. Now I am striving to continue his great legacy the best way that I can, by making my customers smile and providing the best pest management services in San Juan County hands down!

Don’t settle for just anyone with a spray can! Call the real professionals today!

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”

-David Landers

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Including complete inside and outside annual treatments, outdoor only treatments as well as one-time treatments if requested. Larry’s Pest Patrol provides control for ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, termites, earwigs, fleas, ticks, and rodents (rats & mice.) If you are having problems with your plants and foliage, we can spray your foliage with a repellant protecting your plants from deer damage. Ask us about our special treatment pricing options and money-saving offers.

  • Basic annual treatments OUTDOOR only, inside treatment available upon request (additional charge applies
  • Pro annual treatments INDOOR & OUTDOOR full service.
  • Platinum annual treatments INDOOR & OUTDOOR plus our in2care mosquito prevention and TICK BOX tick control system treatment.

One Time Treatments

Interior and/or Exterior Service

Termite Inspections and Treatments

Bed Bug Treatment

Hornets, Wasps & Yellow Jacket Treatments and Nest Removal.

Rat, Mice & Vole Control

Systemic Tree Injections

Yard & plant maintenance for aphids, white flies and other pests that destroy your landscape.

and much more!


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At Larry’s Pest, you are much more than just a customer to deal with. We want a long-lasting friendship and relationship with our customers. That’s why we will make sure you have a dedicated technician that is familiar with your home and property - aware of the common problems and bugs that others may be having in your neighborhood. As a locally owned company we take great pride in our family, friends, customers, and the community we serve. That’s why we have been successful in the San Juan County area now for more than 45 years. If you ever have a problem or question we are right here at 505-334-9477.

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When you make the choice to choose us as your pest control company and exterminator, you can save up to $50.00 off of your annual pest control service. Take a look at our various programs and call us today to find out what you can save by choosing Larry’s Pest Patrol. New Mexico Exterminators.

Don’t Let Pests Cause Problems

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