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How Often Should I Have My Home Inspected for Termites?

May 16, 2022
How Often Should I Have My Home Inspected for Termites? | Larry's Pest Patrol

Having your home inspected for termite infestations is the absolute best way to protect your home from the expensive damage caused by termites. You can learn signs to look for and tips to keep termites from selecting your house as their new home by having a professional putting eyes and experience to work on your property is invaluable in protecting your home. At the very least, you should have a yearly standing appointment with a termite exterminator to go through all the most likely places for termites to build their colony around your property. Quick treatment can greatly reduce the destruction to the structural integrity of your house, giving you peace of mind that you and your family are safe from extensive damage done to your house by termites.

What to expect during an inspection

When you call an experienced professional pest control technician to inspect your home for termites, the pro will leave no corner left unexplored in search of these bugs that can cause so much damage. Preparing your home for a termite inspection will help the technician thoroughly check your home in a timely manner. Clearing out items from dark places like crawl spaces, high unused cabinets, or items outside around the perimeter of the home will greatly help the technicians get a good look at your home.

Having a regular, yearly inspection for termites will help keep your home, family, and your wallet safe from the damaging effects of termites.

Evidence of termites around the house

Searching for signs of termites can be difficult because they stay out of sight. But if you see any evidence that your home has a termite infestation, you need to get your trusted pest control professional on the phone right away. Signs of termites to look for are tube tunnels around the exterior foundation, the appearance of water damage on floors, termite wings around exterior windows, and weak paneling and boards in certain spots around your home.

What kind of damage can termites do?

Because the termites eat cellulose in boards causing structural damage to the home, the destruction can easily be extensive if not caught early. Light repels termites leaving them to cause damage out of sight with little evidence on the surface of walls, wooden furniture, or wood floors. When the infestation is discovered, the destruction can be so much that the home is now structurally compromised. In addition to at least a yearly inspection, be sure to have a professional inspect your home before you sell or before you buy to protect yourself from termite damage.

There is no way around the need for a professional to have their eyes on your home at regular intervals throughout the year to protect your home from the damaging effects of termites. If you are in San Juan County, NM, and suspect termites in your home, give Larry’s Pest Patrol a call today. Larry’s Pest Patrol has been protecting San Juan County residents and commercial property from termite infestations for over 40 years. Don’t leave your home in the hands of anyone but the absolute best termite exterminators in the state. Call Larry’s Pest Patrol for an inspection and free estimate today.

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