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What are Common Signs of a Rodent Infestation?

Like many other pests, rodents are unwanted guests in homes and businesses. They can damage property, contaminate food, and spread disease. A rodent infestation can be difficult to control, and it’s essential to take steps to prevent an infestation from happening in the first place. But how do you know that you have a rodent infestation? This article will review some of the most common signs of rodent infestations so you can identify them and get those annoying furry critters out of your house for good!

Common Signs of a Rodent Infestation


There are many telltale signs of a rodent infestation. One of the most common is droppings. Rodent droppings are usually small, dark pellets. They may be found in cupboards, drawers, or anywhere else where food is present. If you see rodent droppings, it’s crucial to take action immediately to eliminate the problem.

Gnawed Food Packaging

If you notice gnawed food packaging in your home, it’s a common sign of a rodent infestation. Rodents are attracted to food sources, so they often chew on food packaging to get to the food inside. This can be a problem for both homeowners and businesses. Homeowners may find rodents in their pantries or cabinets, while businesses may find them in their warehouses or storage areas. They also sometimes like to gnaw on wood or even plastic. So if you see gnawing marks, it’s a good idea to inspect the area for other signs of rodents and take appropriate action.


If you see holes in your walls or floors, it’s a pretty good indication that you have a rodent problem. These pests are known for chewing through drywall, insulation, and wood in order to create nesting areas or access food sources.


Rodents constantly seek new places to nest and will build their nests in any available space. Therefore, if you see a nest, it is likely that there are many more rodents living in your home or office.


If you hear strange sounds in your home, it could signify a rodent infestation. Rodents are nocturnal animals, so you’re likelier to hear them at night. Common sounds include:

• Scratching: This can be caused by rodents running through your walls or floors or by gnawing on wood or insulation.

• Chewing: You might hear chewing if rodents are eating your food or if they’re gnawing on wires (which can be a fire hazard).

• Squeaking: This is usually a sign of baby rodents.

How to Deter Rodents From Invading Your Home


Good sanitation practices can help to keep your home clean and free of food and water sources that rodents need to survive. By eliminating these sources, you can make your home less attractive to rodents and help to keep them out.

Seal Entry Points

To exclude rodents, homeowners need to identify and seal all entry points into the home. This includes cracks and crevices around doors and windows, holes in the foundation, and gaps around utility lines. Once all the entry points have been sealed, rodents cannot get inside.


Traps can be an effective way to control the rodent population in and around your home. When choosing a trap, you will want to consider its size and the bait it uses. The snap trap is the most common type, designed to kill the rodent. These traps come in different sizes, so you will want to choose one that is appropriate for the rodents you are trying to catch.

In conclusion, if you see any of the common signs of a rodent infestation in your home, don’t hesitate to call Larry’s Pest Patrol for help. With over 45 years of experience, these experts will be sure to get your house back to feeling like a comfortable pest-free home again.

Spider Control

The Best Spider Control and Prevention in San Juan County

Spiders can be a nuisance at any location but are especially troublesome in places where people spend a lot of time, like homes and offices. Spiders are generally shy and avoid humans, but some species are more aggressive. If spiders become an issue in your San Juan County home, it’s essential to take steps to control them.

Why Are There Spiders in My Home?

There are a few reasons why there might be spiders in your home.

  • Finding Food

One possibility is that the spiders are looking for food. Insects are attracted to houses because of the lights and warmth, and spiders can sometimes follow their prey inside.

  • Discovering a Mate

Another possibility is that the spiders are looking for a mate. For example, if a male spider finds a female inside your house, he may stay to try to mate with her.

  • Building a Home

Finally, it could be that the spiders are just looking for a place to build their webs. Spiders like to make their webs in warm, dark areas, and your home might provide just the right environment.

Why Do I Want to Eliminate  Spiders from My House?

It’s no secret that many people are afraid of spiders. And while some spider species can pose a threat to humans, the vast majority of these eight-legged creatures are harmless. So, why do so many people want to eliminate spiders from their homes?

First, some spider species can be aggressive, and their bites can cause serious health problems. A spider bite, from various species, can cause causing swelling, pain, and rarely, sickness or death.

Second, spiders often build their webs in dark, secluded areas like basements and closets – places we may not frequently visit. This can make them seem like menacing intruders in our homes. Some people have fear or anxiety about spiders, causing mental anguish which disrupts their life.

Third, spider webs are messy and cause your home to look unsightly and uncared for. These webs can be a challenge to remove.

Last, the presence of spiders in your home may signify a more serious pest problem.

How Can I Prevent or Remove Spiders Myself?

You can do a few things to prevent spiders from making themselves at home in your house. 

  • Make sure to keep your windows and doors shut as much as possible so they can’t get inside. If you have any cracks or holes in your walls, seal them up so that spiders can’t get in that way either.
  • You can spray some spider repellent around the perimeter of your home.
  • Set up a spider trap using a bowl or jar and some Vaseline. Put the bowl upside down on top of the jar and then smear some Vaseline around the edge of the bowl.
  • Keep your home clean. Spiders prefer areas of high humidity and attempt to move in when cleanliness is compromised. Tidy up, so these pests vacate your property.
  •  Try a natural remedy. Peppermint oil and tee-tree oil can both cause spiders to scurry in the other direction. Sprinkling diatomaceous earth around your property can deter spiders as well.

Why Should I Use a Professional Spider Exterminator?

There are a few reasons why you should use a professional spider exterminator. First, you may not be able to get rid of all the spiders. Experts will be able to find all the entry points and identify the species of spider, knowing exactly how to eliminate them. Professional pest control experts will then utilize tools such as pesticides or traps effectively and quickly, without damaging your home in the process. Finally, spiders often multiply swiftly, so a professional exterminator is essential if you want to keep your home free of these creatures.

Using experts to rid your San Juan Country home of spiders can save you time, money, and hassle. Professional spider exterminators such as Larry’s Pest Patrol know how to get rid of these creepy crawlies so you can get on with your life pest-free!


What Should I Do if I See Ants in My Kitchen?

If you see ants in your kitchen, you are probably wondering why they’re there and how to get rid of them. Unfortunately, ants can be challenging to get rid of once they find their way into your home. But don’t worry; you can do a few things to eliminate those pesky ants for good and enjoy a pest-free home again!

Where do ants come from, and why are they in my home?

We all know what ants are: those annoying little creatures that seem to appear out of nowhere and march around our picnic blanket in an endless line. But have you ever wondered why they might be coming into your home instead of staying outside as they ought?

Ants are one of the most common household pests in the United States. Unfortunately, they enter homes in search of food and water and can be a nuisance to homeowners. There are a few reasons for ants entering your home.

  • First, kitchens are a good source of food for ants. There is often food left out or spilled on the floor, and ants can find their way into pantries and cabinets where food is stored. They also enjoy discovering food inside trash cans.
  • Second, ants are attracted to open water. Pet dishes, dishwashers that do not completely drain, dripped faucets, or leaking pipes can all draw an ant’s attention.
  • Last, ants are really good at finding ways to enter your home. Any crevice, crack, or hole is like an open door to an ant! For example, they will sneak in through a damaged screen door, window, or opening between the floor and the trim.

How can I prevent ants in my kitchen?

If you’re finding ants in your kitchen, it’s essential to figure out how they’re getting in. Once you know where they’re coming from, you can take steps to prevent them from entering.

One way to keep ants out of your kitchen is to make sure there is no food for them to eat. Keep your counters clean and free of crumbs, and wipe spills immediately. Store food in airtight containers so ants can’t get to it. Wash dishes right away rather than letting them build up in the sink.

You can also try some DIY solutions to keep ants away. Mix equal parts vinegar and water, and spray the solution around areas where ants are coming in. You can also put a line of salt, cinnamon powder, or cayenne pepper around doorways and windowsills.

How to get rid of ants in my kitchen?

 Once you see one ant, more are likely to follow! So here are a few things to try when you notice that scouter ant lingering in your kitchen where he doesn’t belong:

  • Block their access.

Sometimes this can be as simple as finding and sealing up any cracks or holes they’re using to get into your home.

  • Use bait traps.

These traps lure the ants in with food and then kill them. Bait traps are available at most hardware stores and can be placed near where you’ve seen the ants.

  • Try insecticides.
    Insecticides are an effective yet toxic solution to ridding your kitchen of these creepy-crawlies. You can find insecticide in various forms, such as granules, sprays, and powders.
  • Call an exterminator.

Ants are incredibly stubborn and persistent. Hiring a professional pest control company means you will spend less time and possibly even less money trying to eliminate the ants on your own. An expert can also ensure that the people, pets, and plants in your home are protected from any harmful chemicals that might be necessary to get rid of the ants.

In conclusion, if you don’t want ants in your kitchen, call the expert exterminators at Larry’s Pest Patrol. They will be able to get rid of your ant problem and help you keep your kitchen ant-free.

General Pest Control

How Do I Choose the Best Pest Control Company in San Juan County, NM?

Pests! Unfortunately, everyone deals with them in or around their San Juan County homes at one point or another. Although there are ways to help prevent an infestation, if one does occur, it is preferred to have professionals take care of these undesired visitors. DIY methods can only go so far, and some can even escalate the invasion. Yet how do you choose the best pest control company to deal with the little buggers?

When choosing the highest quality pest control company in San Juan County, New Mexico, ask these questions:

Does the pest control company have excellent customer service?

Do they have hidden fees? Are they upfront about their costs? Your pest control experts should provide fair quotes and be clear about their pricing structure. Also, look for perks, such as free estimates and inspections. Another part of fantastic customer service is the company’s availability. Pests don’t work around your schedule, so a great pest control company should have 24/7 hour availability and be easy to get ahold of. 

What is the pest company’s reputation?

Choosing a pest control company that has a proven track record is very important. There are a few ways to check the company’s reputation:

  • Contact your state’s pesticide regulation agency to see if any customers have filed complaints about the company. 
  • Ask local neighbors, friends, and family what pest control company they recommend. When a pest control company is involved in serving their community well, everyone knows it.
  • Google it! Reading reviews on Google or Yelp can help you vet your local pest companies.

Does the pest company know how to deal with the most common pests in my area?

Pests common to San Juan County include ants, centipedes, earwigs, rodents, scorpions, and more. Choosing a local, highly trained pest control company is best since they are knowledgeable about the type of pests indigenous to the San Juan area.

Is the pest control company adequately insured, and do they follow high safety standards?

The safety of you and your San Juan County home when receiving pest control care is of the utmost importance. Here are a few things to make sure your pest control company has or does:

  • Insurance and damage control: Will your property be taken care of if any damages occur from pest control?
  • Environmental awareness: Does the company closely follow The Environmental Protection Agency guidelines? Do they offer “green” pest treatments?
  • Safety Guidelines for Your Family & Pets: Does the company use more pesticides than necessary? Do they teach the family to stay away from treated areas? Do they demonstrate how to safely use any remaining baits?

Does the pest company offer long-term services?

Yes, eradicating unwanted pests from your home is the first step, but follow-up is essential! Unfortunately, those pesky pests will return if no preventative services are utilized. Choosing a pest control company with a vision for long-term management is imperative to fix this irritating issue. Look for a company that offers annual plans to ensure the pests take a hike.

Finding creepy crawlies where they shouldn’t be in or near your San Juan County home is a challenging problem, and you don’t have to fix it yourself! Quickly finding a first-rate pest control company is crucial. With these tips, you can discover a stellar service for ridding your home of loathsome intruders. Luckily, the experts at Larry’s Pest Patrol in San Juan County are up for the challenge. So show your unwanted guests the door: call Larry’s Pest Patrol today!

General Pest Control

Best Pest Control in San Juan County, NM

Nothing is more unsettling than having a critter scamper across the floor as you zombie walk into the kitchen to get your morning coffee. Finding ants marching across your countertops or along your shower tile can be frustratingly difficult to stop. Seeing a mouse or even the evidence they leave behind can suddenly make your home feel less your’s. Worrying about the health and safety of living in a home infested with pests from termites to bed bugs should not be the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning. If you have a pest problem in San Juan County, NM, there is a friendly, experienced pest professional ready to eliminate any pest that has entered your home uninvited.

The initial inspection

The best pest control starts with a thorough inspection of the property. A pest professional will carefully look over every inch of your home to find which pests have invaded and where in the home they are most active. Many bugs like centipedes, cockroaches, and even termites can be found near a water source. A tiny drip is enough  to supply a plethora of insects with water. Unused cabinets or crawl spaces can be taken over by the pests you see occasionally running up the walls in your living room. A pest control technician seeks these dark, forgotten places to inspect for pests to find the best places to treat your home that will have the biggest impact.

Considerate communication

The best pest control services in San Juan County, NM are sure to consider their customers’ concerns when making a treatment plan before they get started. Not all customers have the same concerns and opinions and a company that holds customer services as a high priority will communicate what the problem is, and what treatment they recommend so that the customer can be at ease with any decisions.  From the initial call to a pest control company to every communication until the pests are completely eradicated can show how much a pest control service cares for their customers and how dedicated they are to getting rid of every last pest. The best pest control companies know that positive customer reviews hold a lot of weight and that true consideration and care shows.

Following up after treatment

Getting rid of pests effectively and swiftly is important to most people who have a pest problem in their homes. But after treatment, the best pest control services don’t stop there just because the majority of the job is done. A pest professional knows that coming back to  inspect the home to make sure no pests remain is the best way to ensure that the treatment worked and the home is pest free.

For residents of San Juan County, NM, Larry’s Pest Patrol will thoroughly eliminate any pest from the premises while keeping customers happy and feeling in the loop about all treatments applied to their home. If you are in need of the best pest control in San Juan County, NM, give Larry’s Pest Patrol a call today.


Termite Inspections in San Juan County

Termites can do some serious damage in a home when left undiscovered behind the walls. They do not make much noise and until they are ready to swarm out of the walls, you will probably not know they are there. But termites are very active in all states except Alaska, so being on guard against termites for residents in San Juan County, NM is definitely a good idea. The absolute best way to protect your home from the devastating effects of termites is to have a routine termite inspection by a pest professional. There are signs you can look for around your home that may indicate a termite issue but having trained eyes looking over your property at regular intervals throughout the year will be your best chance of saving thousands of dollars on repairs from termite damage if discovered too late.

The importance of a termite inspection

Termite inspections in San Juan County should be very thorough and scheduled at least once a year. New Mexico homes are at a moderate to heavy risk of having termite infestations so inspections are key to making sure your home is not being eaten up by these structure destroying insects. There is not a time of year that termites stop eating the cellulose in the wooden beams and boards in the walls. They continually eat all year round, but ramp up activity in the hot summer months. A termite queen will lay 1000 eggs in a single day and can be responsible for starting over 25 colonies in her lifetime. Like ants, termites continually plug away at their work. Unfortunately for you, termite work is weakening the structural integrity of your home bit by bit.

The initial inspection

During a termite inspection, a licensed and trained termite inspector will come into your home to search for termite activity in crawl spaces, under sinks, in the attic, and in unused cabinets. The pest professional will walk around the exterior of the home to look for the dirt or mulch being above the foundation line and if there are any termite mud tunnels attached to the foundation, indicating termites have already found an entrance in the home. After the inspection, the termite inspector will give you a run down of what was discovered, what treatment is recommended, and a quote of what it will cost. After treatment, a full damage report will be made so you know exactly what repairs are needed..

To put your mind at ease about whether or not your home is being destroyed by termites, hire a termite exterminator to inspect and treat your home. For the most thorough termite inspections in San Juan County, give Larry’s Pest Patrol a call today to set up your initial termite inspection so you can quickly rid your home of termites.

General Pest Control

Pest Control Services in Farmington, NM

When it comes to keeping pests like cockroaches, rats, and termites out of your home, calling a professional who has the experience and treatment plan can be an easy decision to keep your home clean and family safe from pests. Finding a company who provides the best pest control services in Farmington, NM is a must. You want the peace of mind knowing that your home is safe for your family and pets while also eradicating the pest problem.

What services are offered in Farmington?

If you are in Farmington, NM and are looking for the best pest control services, knowing the types of services a company provides will determine if they are the right fit for your pest problem or infestation. Different treatment plans can also help you figure out how often you would like for a trained technician to lay eyes on your property and treat for various pests that may plague your home. Find a pest control company that offers multiple interior and exterior service treatments.

Pests can not only bother you with their mere presence in your house, but some are harmful to your health or can cause severe damage to your home. Farmington residents can expect an excellent pest control company to treat their homes for a myriad of potential pests.


A pest professional will treat your home for insects such as ants, centipedes, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, termites, wasps, and hornets. As well as arachnids like scorpions, spiders, and ticks.


Wildlife can also make its way into your home and plan to stay, or even tear up your property and eat your beloved plants if not eradicated promptly. A pest control company that also offers services for mammals in and around your home can prove to be extremely helpful. Mammals such as rodents, racoons, rabbits, squirrels, voles, opossums, and reptiles like snakes can be removed from the premises by a professional.

Hiring an experienced pro

Understanding the places to look for pests and pest activity also comes with experience. Having a trained technician identify situations that are drawing in the pests and eradicating the intruders and making sure they never come back is the best way to go. But if a company, like Larry’s Pest Patrol, who has lived in and around Farmington, NM for decades and has 40 plus years worth of experience treating homes and businesses for all different kinds of pests, you will know your home is in excellent hands.

For the best pest control services in Farmington, give Larry’s Pest Patrol a call today to set up an inspection to get those pests out of your home and off of your property.

General Pest Control

Who is the Best Pest Control Company in San Juan County?

When it comes to taking care of your San Juan County home, it is important to get help from the best. Pests can cause some very serious problems for your property and for your family. Do not risk allowing a pest infestation to remain in your home because you chose not to go with the best. At the end of the day, the quality of the services provided by the best pest control company in San Juan County will make it well worth investing in the process.

Issues that can be caused by pests

Pests can cause a number of issues for your home and the people living in it. Pests such as termites and rodents can cause damage to the physical property of your home. Termites can eat away at the structural wood of your home around the clock. The damage that termites cause can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in repairs. Rodents can also damage property by chewing on cords and using paper items around your house to make their nests. There are pests that can be dangerous to the people living in your house. Pests like roaches, rodents, and ticks can spread disease to humans. Protecting your San Juan County home from pests – with the help of the best pest control company in the area – is the most effective way to defend your property and your loved ones from the threat of pests.

The problem with DIY pest treatment

The main problem with most DIY pest treatment options is the fact that they simply do not work. Pests are resilient and often spend the majority of their time out of sight. Because of this, you can have a pest infestation in your San Juan County home for weeks or months without even realizing they are there. This aspect of pest behavior makes them difficult to treat. If you do not completely eradicate the pests from your home, you leave the remaining pests to repopulate the infestation and continue to cause problems for your home and loved ones.

The best pest control company in San Juan County

The best pest control company in San Juan County is one that can provide you with quick, effective, and affordable treatment in your home. Take your time to find a pest control company that offers the services you need and has a reputation for providing quality service. Larry’s Pest Patrol should be at the top of your list as you search for a pest control company in San Juan County.

The pest control company you choose is going to be an important part of the ongoing maintenance for your home. Be sure and choose wisely! Larry’s Pest Patrol is a locally owned and operated pest control company that is committed to serving the San Juan County community. If you are ready to schedule a pest inspection, get in touch with Larry’s Pest Patrol today.

General Pest Control

Best Pest Control in Flora Vista, NM

The best pest control in Flora Vista, NM should include services to deal with the pests that are currently causing you problems and protect your home from future infestations. As you search for help dealing with pests in your home, look for a company with experience dealing with the pests that commonly cause problems in Flora Vista, NM.

Find the source of the problem

The first step in eliminating pests from your Flora Vista, NM home is to get a professional pest inspection. It is easy to overlook the signs of a pest infestation if you do not have training to spot those signs. The first indication most homeowners have of an infestation is actually seeing a pest. By the time pests are coming out in the open, the infestation is likely severe. A pest control professional will be able to spot the signs of pest activity, identify the types of pests in your home, and provide you with a clear understanding of the severity of the infestation. It is important to start with a professional inspection so you can choose the best treatment option for your Flora Vista home.

Get treatment for your current infestation

After the inspection is complete, the inspector will let you know if you have an infestation and make recommendations for treatment. At this point, you can schedule a time to have your home treated for the pests that are currently causing problems. A quality pest control pro will be able to quickly and effectively eliminate pests from your home. Look for a pest control company in Flora Vista, NM that offers a guarantee on their work so you can rest assured that your home will be free from pests after treatment.

Set up preventative pest control treatment

It is important to look for a pest control company in Flora Vista, NM that offers preventative services. These are routine pest control treatments that are designed to keep your home protected from pests throughout the year. You can set your home up on monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly pest control services depending on your needs. The goal is always to protect your home and family from the threat of pests. A top-notch pest control company can help you with that goal.

If you are looking for the best pest control in Flora Vista, NM, put Larry’s Pest Patrol on your list. We have been helping homeowners in Flora Vista and throughout San Juan County for over 45 years and would be honored to help you. We know the area and have experience dealing with the pests that cause problems for homeowners in San Juan County. Get in touch to schedule a free inspection and estimate for your home.