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Scorpion Control in Farmington, NM

One of the most feared critters to find in your home is a scorpion. They are tough, expert survivalists, and capable of delivering a painful sting if you unsuspectedly get too close. Hiding under rocks and in crevices, scorpions are built to survive the arid conditions of a desert and can be found in places like Farmington, NM seeking food in the cover of night. While most scorpions eat other insects, some larger scorpions can even eat rodents and get most of their water needs from their food. Scorpion control in Farmington, NM is important to keeping these stinging arachnids out of your home.


Scorpions are incredibly difficult to kill because of their tough exoskeleton, incredible food storage system, and their ability to climb. Not only can they go a year without food, they can also stay submerged in water for up to 48 hours. Prevention is key to not having scorpions roaming the halls of your home. The best way to keep scorpions out is to eliminate any entry points that may allow the scorpions to get inside while also eradicating any food sources in the home that may be drawing them in. Because scorpions can squeeze through the tiniest cracks, be sure to:

  • Caulk any cracks and holes that may allow scorpions to get inside
  • Make sure the weather stripping around doors is in good condition and stays put
  • Keep piles of mulch, wood, and rocks away from the house
  • Put in grass around the home and keep it trim
  • Do not let shrubs or even trees grow too close to the home
  • Stay on top of pest prevention in the home to keep out bugs that scorpions love to eat

If after these prevention tips are attempted and scorpions still have found a way into your home, calling a scorpion control expert is the next step.


A pest professional will inspect your property for scorpion activity as well as common prey that scorpions  eat. An insecticide barrier will be sprayed around the perimeter of your yard to prevent any scorpions from coming up too close to your house. By implementing this barrier before the scorpion activity begins to ramp up in May and maintaining the barrier through the summer, the majority of scorpions will not have a chance to set foot on your property. Hiring a professional to rid your home of scorpions is by far the best way to eliminate these persistent creatures.

If you are looking for scorpion control options in Farmington, NM, look no further than Larry’s Pest Patrol. Be sure to ask about a green option if you want to ensure that the environment around your yard is protected from harsh chemicals. For the best scorpion pest control, give Larry’s Pest Patrol a call today.