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Termite Control and Prevention in San Juan County

June 27, 2022
Termite Control and Prevention in San Juan County | Larry's Pest Patrol

Termites can cause extensive damage and leave you with large repair costs to your home. Because termites are repelled by light, it is unlikely that you will actually see bugs crawling across your floor or along your walls. Termite destruction is done behind walls and under floors unseen, leading to huge infestations if you are not actively looking for signs.

Termite control

Having regular, trained eyes on your San Juan County property will keep your house or commercial property from being destroyed by termites or at least catch an infestation early. Knowing the signs of termites is helpful but you may still worry that termites are lurking behind the walls. Put your mind at ease and have a professional inspect your home at least once a year. A yearly inspection and treatment if necessary will cut off any potential damage from getting out of control and you can know that your greatest asset, your home, is safe.

Don’t put off starting a yearly inspection of your home from the expensive damage of termites. Protect your home from the damaging effects of termites by calling a professional who has a plan to treat your home and property for termites.

Termite treatments in San Juan County

Finding a pest control company that will come to your home at regular intervals to check your property for termites and treat any places if termites are found, can keep your home safe without you having to remember how long it has been since the last inspection. A professional termite exterminator can set up quarterly or yearly inspections so your home is getting a good scan of any potential activity from these wood-eating bugs.

Treatment for termites can include:

  • Sprays and foams sprayed into the walls through tiny holes to eradicate termite colonies.
  • Soil barrier termiticides are placed in the ground around the home.
  • Green options using heat or high voltage can eliminate infestations
  • Bait traps are placed around the outside of the home to exterminate colonies through poisoned food brought back to the colony. 


There are a few things you can do to prevent your home from being easily accessible to termites.

  • Keeping dirt and flower bed mulch below the foundation. If the termites infest the mulch and have cover from dirt to find cracks and holes in the foundation, you are making your home look warm and inviting to termites.
  • Wood piles and old stumps close to the house also bring these destructive pests too close for comfort.
  • Fix any water leaks immediately.
  • Ask the termite technician for any specific advice about your property.

When the infestation is discovered, the damage can be so much that your San Juan County home is now structurally compromised. For the very best termite control and prevention, Larry’s Pest Patrol has the experience and practice to inspect your home thoroughly and eradicate your termite problem quickly. Protect your home by setting up a routine termite inspection with Larry’s Pest Patrol today.

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