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What Should I Do if I See Ants in My Kitchen?

September 12, 2022
What Should I Do if I See Ants in My Kitchen?

If you see ants in your kitchen, you are probably wondering why they’re there and how to get rid of them. Unfortunately, ants can be challenging to get rid of once they find their way into your home. But don’t worry; you can do a few things to eliminate those pesky ants for good and enjoy a pest-free home again!

Where do ants come from, and why are they in my home?

We all know what ants are: those annoying little creatures that seem to appear out of nowhere and march around our picnic blanket in an endless line. But have you ever wondered why they might be coming into your home instead of staying outside as they ought?

Ants are one of the most common household pests in the United States. Unfortunately, they enter homes in search of food and water and can be a nuisance to homeowners. There are a few reasons for ants entering your home.

  • First, kitchens are a good source of food for ants. There is often food left out or spilled on the floor, and ants can find their way into pantries and cabinets where food is stored. They also enjoy discovering food inside trash cans.
  • Second, ants are attracted to open water. Pet dishes, dishwashers that do not completely drain, dripped faucets, or leaking pipes can all draw an ant’s attention.
  • Last, ants are really good at finding ways to enter your home. Any crevice, crack, or hole is like an open door to an ant! For example, they will sneak in through a damaged screen door, window, or opening between the floor and the trim.

How can I prevent ants in my kitchen?

If you’re finding ants in your kitchen, it’s essential to figure out how they’re getting in. Once you know where they’re coming from, you can take steps to prevent them from entering.

One way to keep ants out of your kitchen is to make sure there is no food for them to eat. Keep your counters clean and free of crumbs, and wipe spills immediately. Store food in airtight containers so ants can’t get to it. Wash dishes right away rather than letting them build up in the sink.

You can also try some DIY solutions to keep ants away. Mix equal parts vinegar and water, and spray the solution around areas where ants are coming in. You can also put a line of salt, cinnamon powder, or cayenne pepper around doorways and windowsills.

How to get rid of ants in my kitchen?

 Once you see one ant, more are likely to follow! So here are a few things to try when you notice that scouter ant lingering in your kitchen where he doesn’t belong:

  • Block their access.

Sometimes this can be as simple as finding and sealing up any cracks or holes they’re using to get into your home.

  • Use bait traps.

These traps lure the ants in with food and then kill them. Bait traps are available at most hardware stores and can be placed near where you’ve seen the ants.

  • Try insecticides.
    Insecticides are an effective yet toxic solution to ridding your kitchen of these creepy-crawlies. You can find insecticide in various forms, such as granules, sprays, and powders.
  • Call an exterminator.

Ants are incredibly stubborn and persistent. Hiring a professional pest control company means you will spend less time and possibly even less money trying to eliminate the ants on your own. An expert can also ensure that the people, pets, and plants in your home are protected from any harmful chemicals that might be necessary to get rid of the ants.

In conclusion, if you don’t want ants in your kitchen, call the expert exterminators at Larry’s Pest Patrol. They will be able to get rid of your ant problem and help you keep your kitchen ant-free.

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